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Meet Sevin Atilla:

Realtor, Property Manager, Mom

Sevin has nearly a decade of experience as a Real Estate Specialist in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. With a family in the business with over 30 years of experience, Sevin is surrounded by industry professionals and can count on her extensive network of family members for support and mentorship. Being available for her clients is her number-one priority, ensuring they are always getting her full care and attention during one of the biggest transactions of their lives.

Sevin Atilla was filmed for CTV On Your Side as Real Estate Expert regarding property insurance.

Sevin on CTV:

Interviewed For Her Real Estate Expertise

Sevin has a passion for helping homeowners which includes speaking up when she see’s problems in the industry. In January of 2020, Sevin advised viewers of CTV News Vancouver about concerns with strata insurance and how it could have a negative impact on homeowners.

Selling Your Home

How I Market And Sell In Vancouver’s Competitive Real Estate Market

Professional Photos + Home Staging

With specialized real estate photographers, videographers and stagers I highlight the best qualities of your home. I have found this can have a huge impact on what your home will sell for even in a competitive real estate market.

Old and New School Marketing

I take pride in a strong mix of real estate marketing, through social media, paper media, and web presence. My husband built the website you’re on right now, and we take that tech know-how to get home buyers’s attention.

Open House Momentum

Building off a brilliant real estate marketing mix that draws people’s attention. The next step is holding open houses, wowing potential home buyers every step of their tour. No detail is missed to make your home stand out from the rest of the market.

Want To Buy In Vancouver or the Lower Mainland?

I love sifting through listings to find the best homes both for value and quality.

Let me help you on your home buying journey, not only will I help you find the right property,

I will work hard to negotiate the best possible price to safeguard your most important investment: your home.