Your May home checklist


Did anyone else see that crazy hail yesterday? It’s not quite patio season…yet! Still, with summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get your outdoor space ready. Here is your May home checklist:

  1. If you have outdoor space, pick up some outdoor lighting. String lights are a cheap and quick way to make your space feel cozy for the warm summer night. You can find them at any hardware store or order online and use curbside pick up!
  2. Give your potted plants some TLC. Once it’s warmer outside decide which plants are safe to move outside. Move the plants that have outgrown their original pots to bigger ones. You won’t believe how long the roots might have gotten once you take them out of their pots!
  3. If you have a back yard, clean up the fallen leaves and brush/clean the floor surface for a fresher look.
  4. If you need privacy around your patio, contact me. I just Keko proofed our patio (if you’ve met him, you’d know why this is necessary. We call him psycho for a reason) so he doesn’t bark at the neighbours day and night.

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